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The key is two people who want to keep trying.• Anonymous said… It's easy for people to say "everyone is wired differently" but let's be honest - that puts the burden on the non-aspie partner to figure out how to deal because the aspie really cannot contribute to resolving the language barrier that happens in this situation.And there is a significant amount that is lost in translation leaving the non- aspire partner feeling not understood, not cared for and even unloved.It'd be great to hear from others who have been in similar circumstances I'm 22 years old, and have been suffering for the past 2 months with an array of symptoms, which I believe could be either lymphoma or tonsil cancer.I have no risk factors for tonsil cancer (I don't smoke or drink and I am well under the age bracket) however I do for lymphoma (I had gladular fever when I was 18 and my great aunt has had lymphoma, although I realise this is not an immediate family member) Firstly, I noticed one day whilst brushing my teeth that my right tonsil was hugely larger than the other.BOTH people in the relationship need to be willing to understand and adapt to each other's outlook.• Anonymous said… It also means being willings to understand what each person needs. This is not about right or wrong...differences ...what you can live with and what you can't.• Anonymous said…My partner has aspergers and honestly its not much of a relationship. This is our agreement." "You can't be around chemicals, so you have to sweep, vacuum, and do the laundry." Getting emotional usually frustrates and/or shuts my husband down. Sure we didnt know I had as when we got married or for years but it sure helps to know and learn how to communicate better.* Anonymous said...Once I learned to take a step back, breathe, and think of a reasonable argument in a calm, low tone, things got SO much better. I'll talk from your hubsnd's perspective, if you'll permit.

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The challenges are not because ONE partner "is wired differently", it's because TWO people have brains wired differently to each other. I can collate some of those things and ask the guys at the support group for their experiences to get something together.• Anonymous said…I had been aware that my tonsil was larger than the other a few months before I started worrying about this so I have no idea how long it has been this way (although the first time I noticed it, it wasn't as big as it is now.) So of course as many do, I took to my best friend/worst enemy Google, and immediately found all sorts of horrible things this could be.Everything pointed at tonsil cancer or lymphoma due to the asymmetry in my tonsils… He sent me away for a week to see if it went down on its own… I went back the week after and he put me on a course of antibiotics which did nothing to take down the swelling apart from making me really sick.It takes up I would say a third of my throat, and is hard to the touch.

At the time, it was not painful and this was the only symptom I had experienced."am finding myself slipping into feelings of resentment quite often" if you love him..

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