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15-Jul-2017 21:00

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HOW IT WORKSAt the top of the Video section, you will see a fun prompt, which will be updated daily.

Scroll through the feed to see your potential matches (we call them “Bagels”) who have answered today’s prompt.

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel today launched a free video feature.

The app has gained a new “question of the day” section that asks users to reveal something about themselves.

The daily questions are supposed to showcase a user’s personality in a way that can only be conveyed by someone’s facial expressions, body language, and voice.

For better or for worse, dating apps are starting to follow media’s painful obsession with pivoting to video.

Tap the video for sound so you can hear their voice, see their mannerisms, and get more insight about their personality! Once there is a match, we’ll connect you via a private chat room and provide icebreaker questions to get your conversation started.

Coffee Meets Bagel cofounder Dawoon Kang gave Venture Beat the following explanation: It doesn’t matter if you are the best dating app out there, people still hate you because you are a dating app. Right now, a sense of connection is established only after you’ve met in person. The whole point of dating apps, in my opinion, is to cut through the noise and get to the actual dating part.It shows how likely they are to send the first message, how long it usually takes them to reply and the last time they were active.You'll also see read receipts when the other person has already seen your messages.that they had a lofty goal in mind when they decided to offer the option: they want to end ghosting.

The habit is one of the most prevalent issues with services like this, and in an effort to combat the problem, dating apps are turning more and more like the older dating sites they replaced.And I’m sure dating apps will be embracing virtual reality or augmented reality in a decade or so, but don’t worry, I’ll be saying the exact same thing then as I am now. Kang noted that when you create a video, your profile will be seen by 5x more people in your area.

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