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16-Dec-2017 07:13

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You can’t disagree that California is THE place for trendy/open/cool people, and this is exactly you can find the most LGBT people (transsexuals included).

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Because they are in direct competition with real girls and they start the race with a handicap, they give lots of efforts to be sexy and please men… Reason #2: ladyboys are fun to be with Ladyboys are usually open and fun people to be with.

Reason #4: ladyboys are hype Well, that might depend on the place where you live. Transsexualism (and LGBT in general) is becoming a trend amongst the high society, the show biz and the “cool people”.

Do you know how high is the LGBT population in San Francisco / Los Angeles?

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I feel like giving you my background a bit: my name is Simon, and if I make a list of all the girls I dated, and all the girlfriends I had in my life, well almost 90% of them were transsexual women.

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