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Every time they have a Promotion the games get Tighter, and every time there is a Sale Same Crap. I assume it was upsetting to ownership that I was on an (extremely rare! After all, it wouldn't be good if those, I mean players won big and didn't have to buy chips!Really, their "Terms of Service" is just a really long document saying that you can be banned at any time, for any reason (or no reason! To make matters worse, they banned my wife too (just for the heck of it, I guess), even though she didn't have more than 1M chips and never won much.By working with us, you will have access to the largest portfolio of public and private domains in the industry, giving you more options.I was a big purchaser of the bigfishgames website and bought a lot of games.lots of people have been affected by the same 'problem'. Anyways I had 29 million chips in my account and was so pleased.Something has clearly changed in their business model, which now basically involves taking your money for nothing. I am not able to change the above review so I am adding the following edit: BFG acted very quickly to my complaint about the payments, and refunded the full amount without question. I am the type of person that shares my wins with others through scatters.The reason given for the rejection is always vague, and that's probably because there IS no reason: I don't do spoilers, I don't use profanity, I follow all the other niggly little criteria that they insist upon, and still these reviews get rejected.

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Customer service sent a standard response about monthly subscription, the wording of which suggested it was a mass mailout i.e. Hopefully, more people will realize what scum they are and find other sites or more enjoyable activities to take up their time. Last year (2014) when I started playing BFC I got a couple of nice hits on a slot games.I'm unsure but I purchased a game that I used to play and then noticed that every month for three months they kept billing me.

However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.… continue reading »

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” Says Casting director Anita Guerra, “However she does it, whether it’s by relaxing people or her use of lighting, she has the ability to catch people in the candid moment when they are relaxed and their eyes, which have to communicate 90% of the personality, have a bright and alert look to them even if the person is not smiling.” Contact Jinsey today for more information about photography for internet dating.… continue reading »

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Not because of the actual weather, but because of the drivers.♦◊♦So my ex, Jake, and I are out with friends walking along the canals in Venice Beach and all is dandy until I decide to light up a cigarette. He was also an athlete, very strong, and very confident. He replied proudly, “Because my mother told me so.”But never once did I call any of these eccentricities Mommy Issues. Because mothers, no matter who they are, are seen as a gift to their sons. Our lives are defined by our fathers well after we have our own jobs, write our own rent checks and have our own retirement funds. … continue reading »

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