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Ukrainian brunette women are represented as beautiful, passionate, smart but cunning. And the most dangerous brides in Ukraine are considered to be red ones.

Red Haired ukraine girls are admitted to be extremely beautiful, but at the same time unstable and unreliable partners. A tall Ukrainian women, according to the opinion of many men, must have an attractive appearance, slim body, long beautiful-shaped legs and ideal big breasts.

And here's a question: Why on earth do the Americans need to down Russian aircraft?

The protocols have been developed, the US military realize that they are not at home there.

Now the Russians have learnt how to surmount water hurdle. It means that it's necessary to possess data, know how to quickly share it.

There also exist electronic weapons, which allow to disperse big crowds not killing people due to directed beaming. And it's utterly important to promptly respond to an attack and come to counter acts. And one cannot manage here without airplanes of radio electronic reconnaissance, interconnection of various types of troops.

The Russian Su-24 was downed but it is not known by whom.

No planes were registered in the sky apart from it.

The first ones like big beautiful breasts most of all, the second like pretty faces and the third are excited by long and slender legs. Despite anything, a woman should remain a puzzle for her man. And even the monotony of routine, political trouble in the country and an economical crisis shouldn’t blind girl’s beauty and attractiveness.20 years ago one polar city of Russia was enlightened with a gigantic mirror and it became clear as if during a day during the polar night. New technologies are being developed very quickly in the world.