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By default, the OAB includes just a pointer to the photo rather than the photo itself.

However, if you modify the OAB, then should be prepared for the increased network traffic that will result.

Since the OAB regenerates every morning, there will be 400 megabytes of extra network traffic each morning as 200 users download the extra 2mb worth of photos in the OAB.

At Catapult, our OAB only increased by a factor of 3k per user, the file increased from 367kbytes to 973kbytes (see screenshots below).

Updates are pushed out to local copies of the GAL daily. Outlook begins the process of connecting to the Address Book and downloading all the changes since it was last updated, and applying them to the local copy of the GAL.

However these updates can be delayed by heavy network traffic, or other network issues. Verify the “Download changes since last Send/Receive” is checked, and Full Details is the option selected, and also that the item displayed in the Choose address book: dialogue box is \Global Address List. The following image represents the progression window which displays during this progress. When the Outlook Send/Receive Progress window closes the process to update the GAL is complete. The customer should now search the GAL for the information they reported was missing. If the new employee, or updated information is still not found in the GAL, assign the Footprints incident ticket you created for the incident to the Technical Operations team.

This screen shot shows how you can scroll through various pictures and view the location of where those pictures originated: Another nice feature of the OSC connector is that you can view all of your Linked IN contacts directly from the Outlook Contacts navigation bar: The client side method is the default behavior, as users are left to themselves to upload and keep photos updated.

This is done by simply opening a contact and clicking on the photo icon, then browsing for a photo to upload.

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migrating domains, we are simply raising the domain functioning level with newer versions of Windows Server 2012 R2.There is a 24 hour lag for the server to be updated and pushes go through at night.