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11-Jan-2018 13:45

But few lucky ones have successfully won this angel's heart.Holliday Grainger started dating British actor Harry Treadway back in January 2015.When the interviewer asked about her biggest extravagance, she replied, But the main question now is "are they still together?" This is something that the fans have been wondering for a long run.

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So we might need to wait and see if the two reveal anything about the current nature of their relationship.The couple is rarely spotted in public and has been less open about their relationship.That has led the people to assume that the two broke up but still, no news as such has hit the media and they are yet to confirm their split.Harry and Holliday were always seen to be supportive towards one another, and Harry was mostly there with Holliday for filming and promotional works.

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Caption: Holliday Grainger and Harry Treadaway began dating back in 2015.If you find yourself prejudging and assuming your date is going to be horrible, then your date is going to be horrible because that's the energy you're bringing to it.

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