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24-Dec-2017 07:41

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If you had a success rate of 50% in terms of getting a reply back, it's taking you on average 30 minutes to get each positive reply.But if you use template messages that you can essentially copy and paste, maybe you cut down the time spent on each opening message to two minutes.One thing I thought they did a good job of was breaking down the different sites and giving you recommendations on which to use based on what you're looking for.As an example, Ok Cupid is really popular with girls that are 18-25, whereas has a larger selection of women 30 who might be looking for something more serious.Mainly focused on just getting the date, so ignores anything remotely sexual so as not to scare the girl away.But it also misses opportunities to build sexual tension before you meet, which can result in dates that lead to getting intimate with the girl faster.

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Based on real world evidence that the company has collected from thousands of messages.Part of the data that has been analyzed is how different messages work when they are sent to various age ranges, so it allows you to tailor your approach and increase the likelihood of getting positive responses.