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07-Aug-2017 13:48

There is nothing inherently sinful in dynamite, it all depends on how and for what purpose it is used: so with sex.If accepted as God's gift and used wisely under God's control, it can be the means of man's highest fulfilment.I have also seen many "Christian" marriages that have fulfilled the devil's purpose instead of God's.I cannot but open fire now with the deadliest weapons in God's armoury.As a result, sex which was meant to be a blessing to man has become a burden instead.The word "sex" itself has an impure connotation in the minds of most people today because of man's repeated abuse of this God-given function.

On such matters I have expressed myself unequivocally. Many a young life might have been saved from ruin if Christian leaders had spoken with a firmer voice on these matters.

And yet what ignorance prevails about the real purpose of these gifts of God to mankind.