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Hub Build regional bases that provide shared resources and services to country operations.Toyota began producing a limited number of locally exclusive models in its principal foreign plants.Toyota applied its renowned production system (its distinct competitive advantage) to factories it built in the United States (its most important overseas market).You accelerate growth in foreign regions and average out economic cycles across regions, but portfolio strategies take time to implement.Toyota’s innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) project funnels common engines and manual transmissions for pickup trucks, SUVs, and minivans from Asian plants to four assembly hubs there and in Latin America and Africa.These parts are then forwarded on to major global markets except the U. You achieve economies of specialization as well as scale, but broad mandates can’t handle variations in country, national, or regional conditions (which is why IMV excludes the U. Let’s assume that your firm has a significant international presence.Second, regionally focused strategies are not just a halfway house between local (country-focused) and global strategies but a discrete family of strategies that, used in conjunction with local and global initiatives, can significantly boost a company’s performance.

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The most common pitch for taking regions seriously is that the emergence of regional blocs has stalled the process of globalization.

Lets you get time-sensitive items to market quickly, but you risk eventually running out of room to grow.