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He went on to become the President and the Prime Minister of Cuba in the years after the Cuban Revolution.He devised and put into action the entire Cuban Revolution during which he had to face many problems, crisis and also many attempts of assassination.His small armies are known to have triumphed over larger armies.The Napoleonic Code of Legal Reforms which he formed is used till date in many places.His military leadership and the regard for the common man made him famous and he ruled and influenced France for many years. George Washington The Founding father of The United States Of America, George Washington, is till date one of the greatest leaders that we have ever seen.He led the American Revolution and later, led USA into the first few years of it’s independence as the First President of USA.

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Asoka the Great was the last of the great Indian empire of Maurya and he ruled from 269 BC.His determination, perseverance and the patriotic devotion towards the nation motivated the Britishers to go forward and win the war with the help of the Allies.

Alidade - An optical surveyor's instrument used in the field to create topographic maps and top plans.… continue reading »

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Hinge found that showing your smile in photos makes them 23 percent more likely to be liked, so stop hiding your pearly whites (especially if your parents shelled out tons of cash for orthodontia).… continue reading »

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Wallace also found rising fame, mostly in historical and martial arts dramas, as a handsome but lonely hero who often couldn't get the girl at the end.… continue reading »

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