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You have to have that connection."Launched in a friend's home with eight people some 12 years ago, today SDC's mailing list boasts more than 8,000 subscribers ranging in age from 20 to 80.

The one common ground with traditional supper clubs is the pace and familial feel."We like to let people slow down," Cikowski said.

But whether you prefer the retro take on supper clubs or a more modern spin, Lawler said the heart of the supper club is "the comfort of the surroundings," which extends from the decor and the food to the service.

Detailing all of the pop-up restaurants, pop-up bars, pop-up shops, pop-up galleries, and pop-up gigs in London, complete with maps.

Woods Tap & Pine Lodge in Lincolnwood which pays homage to the bygone era of exotic-looking supper clubs with its log cabin facade."We've done our research and homework and have stuck to the roots," General Manager Terry Lawler said.

"And what we found is that people like the nostalgia of it." There is Thanksgiving dinner on offer every Monday, complete with dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce (.95); slow-cooked pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy on Thursdays (.95); and Fridays are, per tradition, reserved for a true Wisconsin fish fry where lake perch is sold by the truckload (.95).

One of the oldest traditions in dining is the supper club.

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"By having to search a little for us and with the pre-tickets, it weeds out all the difficult people."Combs also believes his case-by-case approach to supper club is more sustainable. We're more about promoting ethical treatment of animals, sustainable practices with the environment, farming and agriculture," he says.Outfitted with red vinyl booths, stuffed deer heads, neon and all the things that reminded Reynolds of his grandparents' basement, Millie's serves traditional favorites like Schlitz and Miller High Life but, in a modern twist, it also offers six different versions of the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail."When you leave a supper club in Wisconsin, you just want to give everyone a giant hug," said Reynolds.

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