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09-Nov-2017 01:26

If Jared felt the same physical attraction for Heather that he does for Svetlana, he’d be offering Heather a lot more than words. If he changes his mind and decides he wants to date her (not just her mind) he will let her know.Unfortunately, he’s not giving up the lovely Svetlana. Until then Heather is just enabling him to continue “double dipping”.2.Jared I’ve never met Heather, but judging from her writing and professional accomplishments she seems like an incredibly intelligent, sensitive and personable woman who I’d love to spend time talking to. Jared’s a smart Jewish boy who appreciates Heather’s qualities.He also appreciates the gifts that Svetlana is giving him, and he’s not ready to give those up. Svetlana might not be fulfilling Jared in the intellectual department, but he can get that fulfillment elsewhere, like from Heather.(You can tweet that in my name.) There are no excuses or obstacles that can stand in his way.He will call, write, drive, or even travel overseas to see a woman he’s interested in.My only critique is that she only turned to women to help her understand her dilemma.

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The women who accept this suffer much less frustration, sadness and anger in their dating experience.This post is a response to a Jewish Week article published back in March entitled Can We Talk? ): Are Jewish guys more susceptible to the ‘pen pal complex? So take a moment to read the article before reading my response.

Love going out for pub lunches , clubs , weekends away , all that sort of thing !… continue reading »

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