Updating jailbroken itouch bbc3 world series of dating

01-Oct-2017 05:48

This has been shown to provoke errors during the upgrade process.

You have been warned (thanks for the tip ) Note: Ensure you do not disturb Cydia while it is installing this update.

This is probably why most people don’t bother jailbreaking, but that’s a whole other article!

Unless you want a headache, battery problems or an i Phone that won’t even turn on, don’t simply attempt to upgrade over-the-air.

This process is only possible using a downgrade, which can be a fairly difficult operation to complete (Apple authenticates all new software installs using their own servers).

SHSH blobs are in the process of being phased out in favour of the tougher-to-beat APTicket.

After it finishes launch Cydia and upgrade any packages including an evasi0n upgrade that allows an untethered boot – then reboot the device when prompted.

Connect the device, then right click on it in the i Tunes side bar. From there, it will check for the newest available update (5.1), download it and install it.

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In case you are not aware, Cydia v1.1 is not your average Cydia update, it is a complete overhaul of Cydia that dramatically increases Cydia’s speed and overall makes Cydia much more reliable.

More to the point, most i OS software updates modify your hardware’s baseband version, which means if you’re dependent on your jailbreak for an unlock, you will lose your unlock when you finally do upgrade.

One way of potentially restoring your unlock is to save your SHSH blobs, which is what is used to authenticate your i Phone with Apple.

This will only work on iphones, ipads and ipod touch that are already on i OS 6 – i OS 6.1.2 This will work on: Connect your i OS device to i Tunes and upgrade to the lastest version via a restore.

If you tried the upgrade button and the process fails – you will be offered a restore – which will restore the iphone to factory settings but at the latest i OS – this will more than likely happen on a previously jailbroken i Phone. Then you will be prompted to restore the last data back up. The process completes in i Tunes, now just finish the i Phone set-up on the actual device as below: If you are a OSX user on 10.8 control click/right click open to get around the Gatekeeper security issue. Otherwise – click on the jailbreak button: Let evasion carry on with the process on your device During the process you will be prompted by evasi0n to interact with the i Phone Find the Jailbreak app and click it This will complete the jailbreak process.Updating your device will restore your i Pod Touch to its default settings, removing any and all jailbreak apps and cracks.

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