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To do that, head to your Twitter account settings and choose “Apps.” Then click the “Revoke Access” button next to Affinitweet.While you’re there, check and see what other apps you’ve authorized over the years. And maybe just try something more old-fashioned this Valentine’s Day, like buying your crush a nice little AI for their apartment.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time — for the second year in a row — for your Twitter feed to become clogged with auto-generated tweets from people you follow proclaiming which of their followers would make the best match for them on the 14th of February.The tweets come courtesy of a, let’s say, questionable website called Affinitweet.Unfortunately, the design and functions of the Valentine One lacked the innovation and vision necessary to make it "the last radar detector that you would ever need to buy," and many recovering Valentine One Zombies today have their Valentine One detectors stored in their closet collecting dust.

Be sure to complete all the prizes by February 16th so you don’t miss out!

The support section of the site includes a Twitter handle and a Pay Pal link to donate to the site, which … From Affinitweet: Affinitweet is based on the Twitter API and used public information from two users (you and another Twitter user) to check their #affinitwees.

Statistics and common points are calculated from these accounts in order to show you your results.

Mike’s patent on this technology expired in 2011 as and now Escort has taken Mike's idea and improved on it with their new Max 360.

First came the threat from Stealth Micro Systems, who developed the Spectre RDD (radar detector detector) in the late 90’s.

As a result its original design, the Valentine One became known as the best long-range detector ever made during that time period.