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Cryer would see Sheen smoking outside of his trailer in the mornings, and part of his small talk would be Sheen telling him things were going well "romantically" for him, and then proceeding to show him pictures of vaginas he had taken as some sort of visual evidence.

Cryer would be flummoxed, but said that the photos were "always [of] a perfectly nice-looking vagina." 5. At Sheen's third wedding, to socialite turned realtor Brooke Mueller, his dad Martin Sheen said to the assembled guests, “Hope you kids know what you’re doing,” before sitting back down.

Before landing the role of Alan Harper on the hit CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men," Jon had reached an undeniable rough patch in his career – between 20, Cryer says he only worked three weeks in three years.

He had shot a string of failed television shows and had gained a reputation as being TV pilot poison."I had three shows that all got on the air in a row and all of them went down in flames and after that, that was when it just dried up," Jon said.

is an American actor, screenwriter, television director, and film producer.

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He also hoped his 14-year-old son Charlie wouldn’t come across his past on the Internet once the excerpts hit the Web.After three shows that tanked, I had been given the name the Show Killer."That unfavorable nickname was bestowed upon Jon by Newsweek, who included him in a feature about failed TV actors that were causing American television to suck.