Widowed father dating daughter unhappy

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I recognise everything you are telling me:­ the tears, the anxieties, the feeling of being singled out for punishment, the shame. The right medication would give you relief from the worst symptoms of depression.That very state of mind is preventing you from reaching out for help. It would create a respite for you to make some changes in your life that would set you on the road to recovery and renewed membership of the human race.Sylvia Dear Sylvia, Before I tell you what I think of your situation, I am putting out an emergency call to readers because I know that many of you will have hit a brick wall like Sylvia and that, one way or another, you will have found your way out of it.I particularly note Sylvia's age, 72, because I think this is part of the problem.Yes, you can manage and handle things and look after yourself but you are very unhappy.Something isn't working, even though it may have worked in the past. New behaviour for you would include making a conscious effort to reach out to other people.Rightly or wrongly, her life has not turned out the way she expected, and she feels she lacks the mental and emotional resources to turn it around again. Growing old without the support and company of people close to you is tougher.

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I am 72-years-old, twice married and a widow of a few years. When my second husband died, I had over four years of difficult legal and financial problems because of his self-made will.

Those friends you don't see any more are still there, probably feeling that you don't need them. And as for your distant family, I think there are things you can do here as well.

Keep it light, an informal call to say, "How are you? I strongly suggest that you invest in a simple computer and get on email.

Being self-sufficient leads to isolation, and isolation doesn't work as we grow older.

It can be self-perpetuating and lead to the fearful depressive state in which you find yourself. Companies like Solitair (01612 340080), Saga (0800 414444) or Just You (08) specialise in well-organised, single travel for all ages and offer a terrific range of destinations, from weekends in Spain to spa holidays in India.

My two children live overseas and have health and personal problems of their own.