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It touches on who is responsible for guarding virginity, the defective practice of 'dating', and the seven dangerous consequences of 'pairing off'.

This session explores 5 key factors that will help you know when it is God, revealing that you will know because you possess a passionate desire to be in a marriage relationship with that other person.

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Sooner or later, though, I found the rush the bad boy gave me faded because there wasn't a "what's next? On the other hand, not everything should provoke World War III from your emotional battlefield.Jennifer put in a lot of effort getting my cover just right and she was quick to respond to my questions and had great ideas too. People need more than rules about sex; they need a theology of sex that empowers them to live successfully in a sex-crazy environment.By the time you turn 25 -- if you tested the waters frequently in your dating life -- then you have an idea of where you'll tread again. It's all a growing process to help you figure out what you like and want in a relationship.

Dating is a lot like a seat belt; either you click, or you don't. If you're 25 or older, you've probably already formulated your own seven deadly dating sins of men.

I once dated someone who treated everything like a soap opera.