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20-Oct-2017 16:44

She might be a movie star, a rock star, and (famously) the child of two celebrity parents so distinctly talented and beautiful that they border on the ethereal, but right now, on this sidewalk, she’s having the same utterly human freak-out so many New Yorkers before her have experienced: She got the apartment. “I just wanted to fit in.” And right now, in this café in Williamsburg, she’s fitting in just fine.

On this subfreezing afternoon on the corner of Berry Street and North 9th in Williamsburg, she’s the only one making any kind of noise, or movement, only the stray pieces of litter tumbling across the street coming close to matching her energy. “When kids were mean, the first thing they’d say is, ‘She thinks she’s so fucking cool because her dad is famous,’” she says.

“[They] kept me company, and kept me sane,” she said.

It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve 2013 that she decided to take a new tack.

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“My best friend works here, so I’m here a lot,” Kravitz says.“That was when ‘Fly Away’ came out.” On Kravitz’s 11th birthday, her mom—a “very ceremonial person”—finally agreed to let her pierce her ears, and threw her a “piercing party.” Lenny Kravitz flew in Angel, the bald, tattooed woman who’d done his many piercings, for the occasion.“It sounds crazy”—fact—“but to us it was like, ‘You call Angel when you want something pierced.’ ” says Kravitz.“It sounds crazy,” she repeats, “but it wasn’t that.” For the record, she chickened out at the piercing party and got her ears pierced later at a local Claire’s instead.

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Once, when she was 15, Kravitz woke up to Ashton Kutcher cooking omelettes in her kitchen.

She doesn’t remember exactly what happened that day, but she remembers the feeling, and relates to it as though it’d been an otherworldly experience. “I don’t know..a fucking spirit came over me and said: ‘You have to stop.’” Whatever it was, she did.